Our Vision


AKRUTI is home to songwriters responsible for around one quarter of the songs on Spotify’s ‘Billions Club’, the playlist of more than 150 songs which have generated more than one billion plays each on the platform. These include global hits such as ‘billnoire’, ‘otila’, ‘baby’, ‘rockstar’ and ‘One Kiss’ for performers including The Weeknd, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, Major Lazer, Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Eminem and Adele.


A 21st century company with global reach

The largest global player outside the three majors.

With a service ethic like no other

A team committed to delivering for you at every stage of your career.

World class creative service

A pro-active commitment to help you develop as a writer.

Best in class administration

Painstaking attention to the detail that matters in copyright,
royalties and income tracking.


Streaming is the greatest open door and greatest test musicians have at any point confronted. BMG is the main significant distributer not to be possessed by a significant record organization and the main significant distributer to require a rebalancing of streaming incomes towards lyricists freely. On the premise that talk is cheap, we are giving our best for help musicians through these difficult stretches.

our aim

In 2022 we announced we would pay many songwriters in our acquired catalogues 30 days earlier than we are contractually obliged to in an attempt to bring those on historic contracts up to contemporary standards. AKRUTI has led the debate about justice for songwriters and artists. With AKRUTI you can be confident of having a partner which really is on your side.

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